_MG_6172Tom Dewell, Board President, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee, member Finance Committee

Tom and his wife Jutta joined the Yelm Cooperative Steering Committee in September of 2006 and have been active in the Co-op ever since. Tom previously served 2 terms as President of the Board of the Co-op and now serves as President again, is Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and a member of the Finance committee.

Tom grew up in an Army family and himself served 4 ½ years, including a tour in Vietnam. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and business management in a range of businesses from start-ups to a multi-billion dollar European manufacturing group.

Tom now is self employed as a B2B consultant. He is a certified professional partner for Selling to Zebras which provides software and coaching for companies with complex sales processes.

Tom and Jutta have been home gardeners now for 9 years and fully embrace the need to spread the word about food sovereignty that we are pursuing with the Co-op’s new vision.

2017 brings a new focus for the Board of the newly renamed Yelm Cooperative, the 501c3 organization. We are now known as Bounty for Families and will focus on projects like Gift of Gobble and the Power of Produce program, and in building the Yelm Farmers Market. In addition, we will be developing the Community Food Education program more as we find resources as people.

Early in 2017, this board will no longer have oversight of the Yelm Food Co-op which has been reincorporated as a for-profit, equity-based membership food cooperative and will have its own Board of Directors by the end of the 1st quarter of 2017.

Diane D'Acuti

Diane D’Acuti – Vice President

Diane grew up in Vermont. After receiving her B.A., she taught science in elementary school for four years. In Florida she received an M.A. in Counseling, Administration and Supervision, and continued as an Educator for 15 years.

After moving to Washington in 1989, Diane was employed at RSE for thirteen years.  She was responsible for purchasing books and materials for the bookstore, facilitated various events, and worked closely with the patent attorney and Publishing Department regarding copyrights and trademarks.  She returned to Education and taught at the Children’s School of Excellence, Phoenix Rising School, and presently has been substitute teaching in the Rainier schools.

Diane has been very involved in community affairs throughout the years and believes strongly that the Yelm Cooperative is most important for the growth and future development of our community.

She has volunteered her time in many areas including the Triad Theater in facilitating public speakers. Diane has spent a number of years helping to feed hundreds of homeless in Yelm, Olympia, and Tacoma during holiday times.

In addition to the Yelm Food Co-op, which allows folks to purchase healthy foods, there are many programs that the Cooperative sponsors, such as the Farmer’s Market and the Power of Produce for children, both of which continue this knowledge of health and sustainability in the community.

Diane was appointed to the board in April of 2015 and would be honored to continue to work in that capacity with the Yelm Cooperative.

Board Secretary – position is open as of Oct 1, 2016

Debbie LuskDebbie Lusk – Board Treasurer – bio coming soon

Debbie Lusk Bio

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Terri Kaminski

Terry Kaminski – Director

Terry Kaminski has been a successful full time Realtor for 26 years.  She made Yelm her home 18 years ago after moving from Toronto, Ontario.  Previous to her career in Real Estate, Terry had 10 years
experience as Guest Services Manager, Concierge and VIP coordinator for the rich and famous in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

The ability to be professional with all people, and meet all challenges in an international setting has given Terry a unique set of people skills and a lifelong sales and service orientation.  She uses these strengths in her business everyday.

She extends this into the community by volunteering on Homeowners Associations, through the Yelm Real Estate Network, and also sits on the City of Yelm Planning Commission.  Recently she was appointed to the Board of the Yelm Cooperative.  Here she enjoys the same relationship and networking strengths on a forum of another passionate interest.

Alternative health, clean, local food, sustainable communities, and the GMO and full disclosure labeling are issues for which she takes a strong stand.  Involved and thriving in the empowering of our community, Terry is totally in congruence with the vision of the Yelm Cooperative and continues to be an asset to its current and future programs. 

JeevanJeevan Anandasakaran – Director

Jeevan has spent his career in technology start-ups beginning with his start at Amazon.com in 1998.  In the past 15 years, he has complemented his technical ability with management experience and business fundamentals. As co-founder of Wave Networks L.L.C., Jeevan brings his experience in lean application development to established organizations and new companies taking their first steps.

Since moving back to Yelm, Jeevan has served as a board member of The Phoenix Rising School and in  recent years as Board Chair, during which time the school has experienced great growth and change. During this period of growth of the school, Jeevan’s experience with fast growing companies has been an extremely valuable asset.  A self proclaimed “Systems Guy”, Jeevan hopes to bring his experience to the Yelm Cooperative.

Jeevan believes in being involved in the community and that the people in it make it special.  The vision of the Yelm Cooperative further shows the wealth of talent and commitment in this community and through its volunteers, what it’s capable of achieving.  Jeevan believes that the Yelm Cooperative is an essential piece of the puzzle of creating a healthy local economy.  Creating opportunities for local producers and food education can make a big difference as it helps the greater understanding of how impactful buying local is to the community.

Jeevan was appointed to a director position by the Yelm Co-op Board in March of this year. Since then Jeevan has been very impressed with the amount of work put in by all Board members.  He is very excited about working with such a capable team and has already involved himself in many of the strategic goals for the year including marketing and communications. In addition, since the YC attained  non profit status in March, he has been offering his non profit experience in helping the  Co-op reach its potential as a federal non profit organization.

Jeevan greatly appreciates this opportunity to serve together with his community.  A successful Cooperative is just the start!

CarlCarl Zambuto – Director

“Carl Zambuto moved to the Nisqually Valley in 1992 and has lived since then on his acreage in Rainier. Carl has 35 years of self-employment business experience. His first career was a plumbing contractor in California where he performed remodel and new home construction on the San Francisco peninsula and surrounding areas.

When Carl moved to Washington State he followed his passion for telescope optics, where he taught telescope making to South Sound residents for four years while he prepared to turn professional as a telescope mirror optician. In 1997 Carl launched Zambuto Optical Company and has become world-renown in the amateur astronomy community for raising the bar in reflective (telescope mirror) optics. He now has a full service optical facility at his home in Rainier.

In 2006 Carl and his former wife Joycelyn built the Main Street Cookie Company. The bakery opened in early 2007 and has become regionally renowned for highest quality baked cookies. The bakery is now run by Joycelyn.

Carl is quite excited about applying his capabilities of creative vision and offering them to the community through the Yelm Cooperative Board of Directors. Carl feels his specialty in this capacity may fall into the human relations category, where he wants to help raise awareness in our community about our cooperative, as well as help to develop a strong working relationship with our members.

Carl loves the Yelm Food coop, where he does over 75 percent of his household food shopping, as well as at the Yelm Farmer’s Market.

Carl considers himself a Washingtonian, now. He knows he belongs here, and remains fully invested in our community.”


Heidi SmithHeidi Smith – Director

Heidi is a full-time freelance writer who splits her time between ThurstonTalk, the South Sound Business Examiner and her copywriting business, Classy Copy.

After 13 years teaching everything from middle school to community college and an additional ten as a facilitator and trainer, she took the leap into entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back.

For three years she was the editor-in-chief of SuperConsciousness Magazine, which focused on human potential in its many forms. When not conducting interviews, she can be found hiking, cheering on the Seahawks, enjoying her friends, or hanging out with her dogs on a five-acre home off the grid outside Yelm, Washington (probably in her bathrobe).

A Co-op member since 2009, she cares about equal access to healthy local food. While farmers markets and food cooperatives are more common in large cities or high-end tourist destinations, they are harder to find in small rural towns like Yelm. Her passion as a board member is helping to get the word out to the entire community about the opportunities the Co-op provides.