At each AGM – Annual General Meeting – Yelm Cooperative (YC) members have the opportunity, and responsibility, to vote for new Directors or ones running for additional terms. To make sure everyone understands the whole process, our Board Secretary has created the following for us all.

How Voting Works

  • Only members who are up-to-date with their annual fee are permitted to vote. If you’re not sure, please see a store manager.
  • The YC bylaws require a minimum of 3 directors and no more than 9. All directors must be members of the Yelm Cooperative.
  • There are currently 6 directors on the Board: Bill Wyman, president; Barbara Morando, vice president; Tom Dewell, treasurer; Marilyn Reardon, secretary; Terry Kaminski, director; Jeevan Anandasakaran, director appointed by the Board in February, 2014.
  • Directors can be appointed by a majority vote of the Board to fill a Director slot but the appointee must “stand for election”  – be voted on by members – at the next Annual Meeting. This year, Jeevan is an appointee and must be voted on at this September’s Annual Meeting.
  • Candidates are not competing against each other.
  • Members vote “yes” or “no” on each candidate.
  • Candidates are voted on to the Board if they have more “yes” votes – by simple majority – than “no” votes. For example, if a candidate has 66 “yes” votes and 65 “no” votes, they will become a director. Historically, directors standing for election receive overwhelming numbers of “yes” votes.
  • The YC bylaws require that voting be held open until a quorum is reached. Our quorum is 10% of the eligible members. This is standard for most organizations. For example, if we have 750 eligible-to-vote members, our quorum is reached when 75 ballots are received.
  • After the Annual Meeting, voting is continued in the store via a ballot box until a quorum is reached. Typically this occurs within a week.
  • The Board will hold voting for 2 full weeks after the Annual Meeting, even if a quorum is reached, so that more members have a chance to vote.
  • The Board secretary is responsible for counting and protecting the ballots.
  • Final ballot results are published 3 ways: via a Grapevine emailer; via the hardcopy Grapevine; and on a poster displayed in the store for 2 weeks.
  • Once balloting is closed and counted, ballots are kept securely for 90 days. If desired, members can view them.
  • The YC bylaws require that an Annual Meeting of the Board is held within 14 days of the Annual Member Meeting. At this meeting, officers of the Board are selected.
  • Washington State law requires that an annual report is filed no later than September 30 each year identifying the new officers. The Board secretary is responsible for the filing of the document at the Secretary of State’s office.

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