We have a new Board member!

On Thursday, August 8th, 2013, The Board of Directors formally appointed Barbara Morando to the seat vacated by Aaron Rodriguez’s resignation.

We are excited to have someone with Barbara’s breadth and depth of business experience joining us on the Board.

Her bio is posted here: http://yelmfood.coop/2012-board-of-director-bios/

Next time you see her, give her a big Yelm Cooperative greeting!

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Yelm Cooperative Looking for New Directors

Yelm Food Co-op DirectorsIf you have the desire to help lead the Yelm Cooperative into the future a

nd have the skills we need, we”d like to hear from you.

The process for this is covered in several earlier posts. Please read through them to get a better idea of what the Cooperative needs in its management team.

One thing to keep in mind: this is not just about the Food Co-op retail store. This is also about fulfilling the whole Vision & Mission Statement which includes the Yelm Farmer”s Market and the proposed Community Gardens and the development of the Community Food Education Program. Directors elected this year may also become Directors of a federal non-profit (501.c) entity when the application is approved.

Elected directors will also be able to apply for Board Officer positions which this year will include Treasurer and Secretary.

Board Member Positions

Things the Co-op Management Needs to Master

Board Application Form (pdf format)

Board Skills Matrix

Along with the Board Skills Matrix, please send a short resume and give us some ideas of how you”d like to advance the Vision and Mission of the Co-op, if you are selected, and then elected by the membership. Please send both to yfcstrategy@gmail.com with the subject line “Board application”.

You can also pick up the Application Forms at the store.

Thanks for stepping up!

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Volunteers for Committees or the Board

If you want to serve in a position of responsibility as we implement the new changes in the Co-op, we would welcome your commitment.

If you’d like to serve on the Board, follow this link to the Board Application page on this site. http://yelmfood.coop/category/board-applications/

If you’d like to serve on a Committee, drop an email to Tom Dewell, Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee at yfcstraegy@gmail.com including a brief resume and the committee you’f like to serve on.

As we build this new organization, we need talented, committed people who are willing to help us drive the Co-op to the future!

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Board member positions

board There has been some confusion amongst the members about the process of becoming a Board member and we thought it should be cleared up here.

Anyone can apply for a position on the Board of Directors for the Co-op. Membership is not even a requirement – our RCW allows non-member Board members and, as many companies do, this provides a neutral standpoint that can be very useful in the overall function of a Board.

What has changed is that now, with all that we have in front of us to grow the store through challenging times, the Board has identified certain skill sets, or talents, based on previous experience, that they feel are critical to the future success of the Co-op.

Therefore, the Board has established a Board Recruitment Committee. At least three board members sit on it. The Board is actively recruiting members. If you know someone you think is qualified to be on the Board, they can fill out a Board application at the store and submit it. They will then be scheduled an interview, first with the Board President and then with the whole Board Recruitment Committee.

Prior to the meeting with the committee, the applicant will be asked to submit a resume and will also be asked to fill out the Skills Matrix developed by the committee. After that, if all parties (including the applicant at that point) agree that they are qualified and can contribute to the long term growth and health of the Co-op, the committee will invite the applicant to the next Board meeting. The results of the interviews and the skills matrix will be discussed by the full Board and the applicant.

A decision can then be made to appoint the applicant to fill one of the vacant seats or not. If appointed and if it all works out, they can then be confirmed at the next Annual General Meeting.

This desire to find the very best, most talented people to serve our members should be greeted with great enthusiasm and not skepticism. Some members have expressed the point of view that this process is too controlling and allows the selection of Board members to be in the hands of too few people.

In the past, anyone who raised their hand at an Annual General Meeting and said they wanted to be a Director was practically guaranteed they would be elected. That was probably not the ideal way to do things, but those people did get the Co-op to where it is today. However, “the times they are a changing!”

We will hit $850,000 in sales in 2011; we have 4 paid staff and about 40 volunteers, in and outside of the store that need to be managed; we take orders every week that total nearly $15,000; we are implementing a comprehensive Point-of-Sale system; we are meeting with city officials and private investors to plan the overdue store expansion and the whole new “City Hub” we have been envisioning.

We are working to involve people all over the community to build a sustainable, locally-oriented city that can feed itself and provide for all of its citizens in what may become a very challenging future. We need people who can do all these things and can carry this vision forward to its completion.

This is why your Board has chosen to make the application process much more stringent. They are looking for the very best people to guide your Co-op forward. Every member should be pleased that the Board has taken this route. This is about your store and it’s about the future!

If you feel qualified, please ask at the store for an application or print this pdf form. We need great talent for the great times coming. If you have it, we want you!

P.S. If you’d really like to apply for a Board position, here is the Skills Matrix worksheet you need to complete before your interview.

P.P.S. There are many ways you can serve your Co-op besides being on the Board. There many volunteer positions, and there is a need for qualified people to be on the various committees that already exist, or will be being set up. Talk to the store managers or a Board member to find out how you can help.

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Things the Co-op Management Need to Master

Here is a partial list of the various services offered by the Cooperative Development Services team of nationally recognized cooperative grocery store consultants. Our Board and our management team will have to, at some time, learn and master all of these if we want to survive into the new future that is coming.

• Business planning
• Timeline Development
• Management and Staff Training
• Member/Owner Capitalization
• Membership-Ownership Development
• Store Planning & Design
• Internal Readiness studies
• Labor management
• Human resource systems and structure
• Inventory management
• Margin Analysis and Enhancement
• Merchandising assessments
• Financial and Ratio Analysis
• CoCoFiSt (Common Cooperative Financial Statements)
• Organizational/Operational Assessments
• Managing successful Produce Departments
• Employee surveys

Let us know if you feel that you can help with any of these areas.

It’s your Co-op and it’s about the future!

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Board position Application and Skills Matrix

Here are the Application Form and Skills Matrix every applicant is being asked to fill out before they meet with casino online the Recruitment Committee.

If you feel qualified, we need good people on the Board going forward. Why we implemented this procedure, you can read about in the post: http://yelmfood.coop/2011/09/board-member-positions/


Skills Matrix

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