Volunteers for Committees or the Board

If you want to serve in a position of responsibility as we implement the new changes in the Co-op, we would welcome your commitment.

If you’d like to serve on the Board, follow this link to the Board Application page on this site. http://yelmfood.coop/category/board-applications/

If you’d like to serve on a Committee, drop an email to Tom Dewell, Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee at yfcstraegy@gmail.com including a brief resume and the committee you’f like to serve on.

As we build this new organization, we need talented, committed people who are willing to help us drive the Co-op to the future!

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Growing Power

The founder of this organization in Milwaukee says this in the Breaking New Grounds documentary that we put in a recent post:

“If you grow healthy soil, you grow healthy food, you grow healthy people and you grow a healthy community.”

Part of the future vision of the Yelm Food Co-op includes these elements. Take a look through the website and let us know your ideas in the comment block below.

Growing Power, Inc

Go Co-op!

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