Home & Garden Show Volunteer Opportunities

Home and Garden ShowThe 2016 Home & Garden Show is coming right up on and several time slots are available to volunteer at the Yelm Cooperative booth. This is a great opportunity to let people know about the natural foods market right here in Yelm and build excitement about our vision for a sustainable food system in our area. 

Here are the available slots: 

      Sunday, May 1st  – 11 am – 2 pm ( 1 or 2 people)

      Sunday, May 1st  – 2 pm – 4 pm (2 people)

      Sunday, May 1st  4pm – 5 pm  (1 or 2 people to help our board president Bill Wyman with teardown)

If you would like to help, contact Marilyn Reardon at (360)400-8030. Thank you!  

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2015 AGM Voting Results

At the 2015 Yelm Cooperative Annual General Meeting held on Sept 5th, the Directors standing for election introduced themselves and the members had the chance to vote for, or against, them. Voting continued with ballots available at the YFC until Sunday, Sept 20th.

Our members really took this election to heart and we had 17% of our eligible voters completing ballots! This is a number much greater than in past years. Thanks for making your voices heard!

The final results were:

Director                                    Yes         No      blank

Diane D’Acuti                            70           2          1

Jeevan Anandasakaran          67         6           0

Tom Dewell                               68         3           2

On Sept 24th, the Directors will hold their annual meeting to elect the officers for the upcoming years. We’ll announce those results when we know them.

This next year will be an exciting and challenging one and your Board of Directors will be doing everything we can to make this a successful year for the Yelm Food Co-op, the Farmers Market and the Yelm Cooperative.

Remember, this is your Cooperative – your membership counts and your voice counts!

~ The Yelm Cooperative Board of Directors ~

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2015 AGM presentation

Our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, Sept 5th was a great success.

We had presentations by Bill Wyman, the Board President, Barbaby Urich-Rintz, the YFC General Manager, and Karen Rae, the Farmers Market Manager.

The highlight was the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Yelm Cooperative on Sept 15, 2005.

On that day the following Founders signed the Article of Incorporation bringing the organization to life:
Ektara Jareck, Carolyn Sheldon, Jackie Jo Reid, Maggie Sayer,  Iris Moore, Christine Verdagamo, Alexandria Roberts,  Fran White, Beverly Wright, Laura Losada, Marilee Wallace

Ektara, Carolyn, Jackie, Maggie, Iris and Christine were in attendance at the AGM and got recognized individually and presented with a card and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

2015 AGM

After the meeting we feasted on goodies from the YFC and 3 fabulous cakes, one in the shape of a “1” and one in the shape of a “0” for the “10” (10th year) and another magnificent “skyscraper” chocolate cake.

2015 AGM

2015 AGM

2015 AGM

If you missed it this year, you can still vote for the Directors by picking up a ballot at the Yelm Food Co-op and you can see the presentation at the link below (it’s a pdf file – you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it) .

This is your Cooperative and you have a voice!

2015 AGM presentation

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