Thanksgiving Gift of Gobble

The staff and volunteers wait for Monday when the turkeys arrive to be added to the waiting organic veggies, and organic fixings. 150 families will collect their Gift of Gobble Thanksgiving dinners along with some families who request vegan meals. We usually donate 100 meals, but this year we are donating 150 meals. Donations to help us collect the $60 needed to supply each family with their Thanksgiving meal is much appreciated.

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Cod and Shrimp

As odd as it sounds, cod could be considered the Levi’s of the seafood world – traditionally popular, straightforward, dependable & satisfying. Our Alaska fillets will exceed expectations, they are skinned & trimmed to party white plumpness & deliver that big lustrous flake that is the calling card of this enduring favorite.
Seajoy Organic Raw Shrimp. Sustainability
The owners of Seajoy helped found the Global Aquaculture Alliance, a worldwide organization dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture.
The primary elements of our sustainable shrimp farming practices include:
-Closed Cycle Selection: We only use shrimp that are native to the region in our hatcheries, so we avoid introducing shrimp from other regions into our ponds.
-Recirculated Water: We use a unique recirculating biofiltration system in our hatchery. This allows us to minimize the amount of sea water we use. And prior to returning any water to the sea, we sterilize it to avoid introducing any pathogens.
-Antibiotic Free: We do not use any antibiotics or any substances that are prohibited for use in aquaculture.
-Environmental Awareness: We promote a culture of environmental awareness among all our employees.
-Low Stocking Densities: We stock our shrimp ponds at very low densities, minimizing the amount of organic sediment.
-Mangrove Forestation: We have our own mangrove nursery that allows us to conduct a large scale mangrove forestation program.
-Environmental Adherence: We follow all environmental laws and regulations of the countries where we farm shrimp.
-Minimal Use of Resource: We minimize the use of power and water in all our farming and processing operations.

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Continuing our adventure into Europe, we have Bresaola from the Italian Alps, it’s an air cured beef that has a soft almost creamy texture. In the German Alps it’s called Bunderfleisch, in the French Alps it’s called La Viande des Grisons.

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Vybes CBD Kombucha

Vybes uses all-organic ingredients, and these drinks are relatively low-sugar (ranging from 4mg to 12mg). The drinks contain a variety of low-sugar juices (blueberry, lemon) along with green tea extract and a couple of alternative sweeteners. They contain 25mg of CBD Isolate and are shelf stable.

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Le Chatelain Brie

Now this is what we call the very best of the Brie’s. It’s full of flavorful creaminess. Give it a try.

Typical of brie, Le Châtelain has a soft, white, bloomy rind, a luxurious ivory paste and an especially rich and buttery flavor. As the cheese ripens over time, it goes from a simple fresh cream taste to a creamier texture and bold flavor venerated by connoisseurs. To experience the full flavor and creaminess of Brie Le Châtelain, remove it from the refrigerator one hour before serving.

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Greek Yogurt

Some Greek yogurt options. Full bodied, thick and creamy unstrained blended organic Maple Hill  Greek Yogurt is amazingly creamy.
Our Organic Whole Greek Yogurt is made with premium organic whole milk and active, live cultures. Like our European Style Yogurts, it is slowly cultured and vat-set. Then, it’s carefully strained to create the thick and creamy texture of traditional Greek yogurt with delicious, authentic Straus Family Creamery taste.

yogurt, Maple Hill is amazing.

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