Heavenly Cheese & Sour Cherry Spread

SAINT ANDRE; is a rich triple-creme cheese that smacks of decadence with a reasonable price. The World Cheese Gold Medal Award says it all. Saint Andre is nicknamed “the heavenly cheese” for a good reason. It’s a buttery triple creme with a velvety rind and a creamy ivory paste.
DIVINA SOUR CHERRY SPREAD: The tart taste of summer (think freshly baked pies, picnics on the beach) is embodied by this sour cherry spread. Sweet and bold, the Greek cherries soak up the Mediterranean sun before they are picked by hand, and pressed into a delectable jam. From the shores of Greece, this succulent spread taps into the flavors of the area – tangy, bright, and deep. The bright cherry jam is perfectly spreadable, while still maintaining the natural, chunky consistency. Versatile, this piquant jam is best dabbed atop a salty, nutty Pecorino, other cheese, mixed into a yogurt parfait, or as the surprisingly delightful marinade on a slab of barbecued pork, or on anything else!!

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