Local Investment

local investmentOne of the beauties of the cooperative business model is that local people invest in a local business, and that local business invests in the local community.

This was the standard model in our country for most businesses 100 years ago. But things changed dramatically after the 1st World War when foreign trade began to play an ever bigger role in our economy. Then the first Meijer Superstore opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1962 Then Wal-Mart took it to a new level when they opened their first superstore in 1988.

But where it is leading us economically? Charles Hugh Smith, proprietor of the esteemed weblog OfTwoMinds.com, sees the path to future prosperity in removing capital from the Wall Siden det er umulig a sla sa er den beste Keno strategien a bare nyte tiden du spiller og finne gode casinoer a spille det hos (se listen ovenfor). Street machine and investing it into local enterprise within the community in which you live.

This comment was on Chris Martenson's most recent newsletter in an article entitled, “Why Local Enterprise is the Solution”. Here is what Smith thinks:

“We have to solve our own problems. The savior state and these institutions are not going to reform themselves and they are not reformable in any way that is meaningful. And so, I think what we’re talking about is taking your capital, which is your human capital, your skills and your experience; your social capital, the people you know and trust that you’ve created in life; and your financial capital and investing them in local solutions. Things that people need, like energy and food and shelter and a low energy lifestyle.”

This is why, in their planning for an expanded store, the Strategic Planning Committee and the Board are working hard to have local investment as the financial driver behind the expansion. They know that there are enough people in our community who see things the same way and are looking for the investment vehicle.

We're going to give it to them!

Read the rest of Charles Hugh Smith's article here – it's worth the read.
“Why Local Enterprise is the Solution”