United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI) Labor Dispute

UNFI strike
Yelm Food Cooperative’s main food distributor is United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI), in Auburn, Washington. UNFI is currently renegotiating a labor contract with their warehouse workers and truck drivers, members of Teamsters Local Union 117. The Teamsters have voted to strike if contract agreement is not reached. UNFI states they have arranged for warehouse workers and truck drivers to conduct business, if the union were to strike.

After careful consideration, the Yelm Food Cooperative’s Board of Directors has decided to remain neutral regarding any contract disputes between UNFI and Teamsters Local 117. Our stand is congruent with our mission to provide our members with access to natural foods. We will continue to order and receive products from UNFI throughout their contract negotiations. We anticipate no disruption to UNFI deliveries during negotiations. In the event that UNFI is unable to make deliveries, the Yelm Food Cooperative does have alternate sources for products.

As of October 11th, although UNFI apparently conceded to most of the union’s demands, the revised contract proposal was turned down by the union. Since that time, the Co-op has had deliveries and we do not expect that to change.

We will post updates here as they unfold.

Here are recent articles with regards to strikes bu Teamsters Union 117. The first one is from their own website.



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