What is the Buy Club?

Yelm Food Co-op’s Buy Club is a way for member-owners to purchase many products we carry in the store in bulk quantities for great discounts of up to 25% off member prices!

Definition of Bulk

The following product quantities are considered “bulk buys” with all lesser quantities considered single items and subject to retail prices:

  • bags of 20 pounds or more
  • buckets of 5 gallons or more
  • cases, 1 case minimum
  • herbs and spices, 1 pound minimum
  • items not offered in cases, minimum quantity of 6

Buy Club Guidelines:

  • All Buy Club or Special Order pricing is for Yelm Food Co-op member-owners only.  At this time, we do not have the space or resources to facilitate orders from non co-op members.  (In most cases, it is cost effective to become a member.)  To do so, please click on the following link for an explanation of the benefits of becoming a member.)
  • Special Order items are those not available through either Azure Standard or United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI).
  • Prices are subject to change.  Our standard markup for all Buy Club purchase is 20% over cost.  Prices do change from the manufacturer and we may not know that until the products arrive!
  • Taxable items, including all non-food items, carbonated drinks and supplements, are taxed at 8.5%.
  • Due to very limited storage space in the store space, all Buy Club purchases need to be picked up on arrival day.  The Washington State Health Department will not allow us to leave any food items on the floor overnight.  Please help us by not placing orders that you can not pick up the same day they arrive.

Buy Club Ordering Instructions

A.  Fill out this online form “Buy Club Form” completing all the requested information. If you fail to fill in a required field, you will get a message reminding you to do so.
B.  Select items to order from the following catalogs, or order Bulk quantities of items found in the store that come from our many other sources using the Special Order form available in the store (see Bulk definition above):

  1. Azure Standard carries over 4000 products carefully selected to help you live a healthy, happy lifestyle.  Select products from the Co-op’s Store Copy of the Azure Standard catalog or purchase one in the Co-op for $0.65.  Azure has no online catalog.
  2. United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI/Mountain People) carries bulk items and much more.  Access their online catalog as follows:
  • Go to www.unfi.com
  • From the “Choose a UNFI Location” drop-down menu, choose “Seattle WA”.
  • In the next line, Enter User Name here, enter:  “florence@yelmfood.coop”.
  • In the next blank line enter: “4Customers” and click Log In.
  • Under Customer Number click “000R.”
  • Now search for products by brand, category, product name, bulk, etc.
  • To use the online catalog, click on Publications; under Category choose either Catalogs or Monthly Specials; select a Format; click on Search; then choose a publication.

C.  Placing your order:

  • Online:  Fill out the Buy Club Form and click “submit” at the bottom of the page and that’s it!
  • Mail: If you use a printed order form you picked up at the store, you can mail it to: Yelm Co-op, PMB 92, PO Box 7530, Yelm, WA 98597
  • Drop off: If you use a printed order form you picked up at the store, you can drop it back off at the store when you have completed it.