Raclette Cheese

We pride ourselves in finding some excellent cheeses for you, given our small cheese space. Mirforma Raclette is delicious straight from the fridge or cooked in the traditional Swiss way, where it is grilled and served with new potatoes, pickled onions and cornichon pickles. You don’t have to be in the Swiss Alps to enjoy this simple feast. Check out these 10 Raclette recipes. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/raclette-cheese?prm-v1=1

Toasted Raclette Sandwich: You see where we’re going here: roasted potatoes and caramelized onions, oozy raclette cheese and thick slices of French bread. We’ve added some kale for a little texture. And, yes, we even threw some dill pickle slices in there for good measure.

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