Recipe; Bubble & Squeak

Bubble and Squeak! You may have heard of this dish – Brits definitely will. Dates back to the 1800’s and a way of using up left over potato and cabbage. Meat would have been scarce for some of society and in war time this would have been a staple. Maybe this was the first unintentional plant based meal! It’s actually delicious and fried until brown and crisp – a breakfast dish or accompaniment to a main meal with plant based sausages or burgers or tempeh. The name started because the cabbage bubbles and squeaks when it’s cooking. Any green veg can be used such as sprouts or cauliflower and of course you can experiment and add onion, garlic and mushrooms but the original dish is just left over cooked potato and cooked cabbage. So many plant based foods available now and they are improving all the time. Your YFC has a wonderful selection and lots of new products. Gone are the days when a vegan meal meant just a salad or some raw carrots. Be sure to take B12 as a supplement when starting a plant based diet.
Enjoy experimenting,
Eleanor and Lee
Quantities: For one serving it would be half a small onion chopped up, a cup of cooked cabbage or other greens and I.5 cups of cooked mashed potatoes or left over roast potatoes. Seasoning to taste. It’s pretty flexible – a throwing together of what’s left.

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