Each member of the staff at the Yelm Food Co-op is first and foremost a Working Member of our great store and is committed to providing all of our patrons with an exceptional shopping experience. Our buyer is extremely knowledgeable about all of the products that we carry in the store and the staff works daily managing a team of Working Member volunteers to ensure that you find all the great foods and healthy products you are looking for. Any questions, just ask!

Name Position
Jutta Dewell         Store Manager
Emily Ranken         Store Manager
Christine Jarlik     Floor Manager
Meshelle Almandinger Floor Manager
Brittany Welcher     Floor Manager
Yoko Fujiwara        Cashier
Glenadine O’Harra    Cashier
Margaret Gilbride    Cashier
Christina Hoelzer    Cashier
Doreen Pairer Cashier
Catherine Ricalde Cashier
Florence Vincent     Purchasing / Marketing