Strauss Organic Ice Creams

Strauss Organic Ice Creams

**Cookies & Cream: We found the perfect cookie with just the right texture and flavor. We blend the gluten-free chocolate cookie pieces into our top-selling vanilla ice cream for a taste that’s on everyone’s favorite flavor list.

** Coffee: A dash of organic Dutch cocoa blended into organic decaffeinated ground coffee beans is what gives this ice cream its luscious, rich taste reminiscent of homemade, hand-churned ice cream. It’s a coffee lover’s delight

** Strawberry: The lively taste of ripe, organic strawberries is a perfect complement to the smooth, creamy goodness of our sweet cream ice cream. The flavor resembles homemade, hand-churned ice cream.

**Caramel Toffee: This dessert combines pieces of organic toffee and caramel ice cream to create a delicious mix of sweet and savory flavors. The caramel is made with Straus Family Creamery’s own organic butter and organic cream. The flavor is reminiscent of homemade, hand-churned ice cream.

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