To Your Good Health

To Your Good Health

Reserve your spot today!!
For our first ever To Your Good Health event.

We’re featuring amazing wines that can actually contribute to your health ….
and possibly help you live longer?
Where: At the Co-op in the wine shop
What:Pick one of these time slots & RSVP
There’s no charge to attend, but we need to know who’s coming so we can prepare the space and order in enough wine so please let us know ASAP.
Come join us for a fun and informative sample. You’ll hear a brief presentation on the wines, learn what makes them so special and taste each of them.
In the mean time you may choose to watch the entire episode of Chasing Life Italy and learn more on your own.
Here’s to Your Good Health!!
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Enjoy Art, Wine & Flowers in Gordon’s Gardens This Saturday

Enjoy Art, Wine & Flowers in Gordon’s Gardens This Saturday

wine artGet ready for a heady combination of art, wine, music, poetry, and flowers this Saturday as the Yelm Food Co-op hosts its second annual Art, Wine & Flowers in Gordon’s Garden event. Anne Marsh, Virtuose de Vin at Wine Cellar of Yelm, has selected wines from six different regions in collaboration with La Gitana owner Marian Licxandru, who will be providing unique pizzas to complement each glass, and Gordon’s Garden Center owner Kellie Petersen. “This is an awesome way to reach out and bring the community together,” says Anne. “We can create something wonderful and support local business at the same time.”

From 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., guests will have the opportunity to sample wines while being greeted by a volunteer sommelier in culturally appropriate garb. “Everyone can move through the six tasting stations at their own pace,” says Anne. “The server will know their wine very well, and each tasty bite has been specifically chosen for that wine.”

Four local artists will have work on display: Steve Cramer, Jenn Harshfield, Judy Chapman, and Sandra Bocas. Visitors can also enjoy the floral arrangements created by Kellie Peterson, designed to enhance the regional atmosphere of each tasting station. Classical guitarist John Chapman and poet Michael Apau will complete the ambience, with Apau wandering, minstrel-style, through the gathering.

Once they’ve finished tasting, guests are encouraged to buy the wine of their choice and journey across the street to La Gitana, where Marian will have the specially created pizzas available – and no corkage fee. But don’t ask about ingredients. “I won’t be revealing what the wines are until the day of the event,” says Anne, “and the same goes for the pizzas.”

Tickets are $40 for two prior to the event and $25 per person the day of, with a $10 charge for those who only want to view the art. “It’s honoring the work of all of the volunteers who are contributing their time to put this together, including the artists, the people pouring, the musician, the poet and the people preparing food,” says Anne. Proceeds from the event will go toward the Yelm Co-op’s Wishlist of new equipment and features. Tickets can be purchased at the Co-op or by calling 360.400.2210.

“It’s going to be a beautiful day,” says Anne. “This is a way to raise money for the Co-op and support our local businesses, while enjoying great food, wine, and art in a really lovely setting.”

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Wine Cellar of Yelm

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Wine Cellar of Yelm

anne marshIf you love wine and shop at the Co-op, odds are you’ve spent some time in the back of the store, sampling some of the local and international offerings Anne Marsh provides each week. But even if you’re familiar with this very popular department, you may not know everything about it. Enjoy this Q & A with the Co-op’s resident wine expert and stop by for a tasting!

How did you get inspired to learn about wine?

I was always passionate about food and wine pairing.  I became a gourmet cook and I thought I would enjoy being a sommelier, so I enrolled in a wine curriculum through Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET).  I hold a diploma in wine: WSET level II, Intermediate Certificate, Pass with Distinction.  I am very proud of that accomplishment as only a small percentage of students earn that distinction.

What was the original inspiration for the Wine Cellar?

After I completed my education I went to work for a very great lady, Linda Collier, founder of Collier’s of Centreville in Centreville, Delaware.    She taught me everything I know about wine from a hands-on perspective.  She gave me her blessing to model my wine shop after hers, with a “European Library” feel.

How has the community responded to the Wine Cellar?

“Thank you for what you do for us.”  Those who have discovered this enjoy the experience of tasting a wine before they buy.  They love that I learn their names and their tastes and can suggest wines they will surely love.  Each of us has had the experience of buying a wine and finding ourselves disappointed when we get it home.  It’s tragic, really.   Customers also love asking for suggestions of which wine to go with what they’re serving.  They want to have something that matches perfectly with a dish and compliments it.  It takes the experience of a dinner party to a whole other level of great.  I love what I do.

What do people not realize about the Wine Cellar?

We have over 300 wines in that little space!

The wines are from all over the world including the wonderful wines of Washington state!  That’s why we named it Wine Cellar of Yelm . . .Wines from around the World. I have a gift for finding quality wine and I handpick each and every bottle. I choose wine that is made with a lot of care, attention and love. The mission of the wine shop is to specialize in small batch, family-owned and handcrafted wine.

More than 50% of the wines in the shop are Organic and many are made without the addition of commercial yeast.  Large lot, mass-produced wines are made with many shortcuts and use lower quality grapes.  We hear so much about inferior quality food and the importance of putting good things in the body.  The wines in the shop are made with a passion for excellence and many are under $15.
I love what I do and finding the right wine for folks is fun.  I often open wine during the week and allow folks to taste.  It’s not just for Saturdays. When you see me, just ask.  I’ll help you find wine and help you match to a food if you wish.   I have developed a following of customers who regularly attend the Saturday tastings.  They tell me that their palate is expanding and they are enjoying all the new varieties and flavors they wouldn’t have thought to try.

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“Wine and Chocoalate” Wine Tasting Event

wine and chocolateThe Wine Cellar of Yelm is once again putting on a tasting class and you don’t want to miss this!

Mark your calendars for Friday, April 11 from 6:30 – 8:00 p/m.

Here are the details – just click on the link below

Tasting Class Flyer

P.S. you must have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view this.

Get Adobe Reader here – it’s free:

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Perfect Wine Pairing for Thanksgiving

The very successful wine classes at the Yelm Food Co-op continue this month with the theme of “Let’s Talk Turkey”, wine pairing for Thanksgiving dinner.

These classes are not to be missed. The last one included a fine Cabernet that sells in the store for $114! Not one you get to taste that often 🙂

So here’s the announcement for this fabulous opportunity to learn about pairing wine and food from the Wine Cellar’s “Virtuose de Vin”, Anne Marsh.


wine and Thanksgiving

It’s a dilemma that dates back to the Pilgrims table:

What wine to serve with Thanksgiving Dinner?

Wine Tasting

Six wines that pair perfectly with traditional Thanksgiving dinner

 presented by Anne Marsh “Virtuose de Vin”

 with Sarah Timbrook-Nugent of C&G Wines

    “Let’s Talk Turkey”

An organic and fun Sparkling rose, Italian Erbaluce, Oregon Pinot Noir, French Burgundy, Cotes du Rhone and a Cru Gamay.

These wines are affordable and fabulous.

Come enjoy them in our newly remodeled wine shop!

 Receive 20% off featured wines and 10% off other wines in stock.

 Tuesday November 19, 6:30 -8:00 p.m. in the shop

Cost is $20 per person 

Tickets on sale Now!

by calling 360-400-2210

Or in person at the Yelm Food Coop. 

24 hour notice required for cancellation/refund.


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